Borlie Mechanical Contracting, LLC

A commercial and industrial contractor, Borlie Mechanical Contracting, LLC, specializes in Plumbing, HVAC, and Process Piping systems. Located on Interstate 81 in Inwood, West Virginia, Borlie Mechanical Contacting has a location convenient to the Tri-State area of Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia.

As a Vice President for 12 years with T.A. Gorman Inc., the passing of the President Thomas Gorman III in 2009, presented Stephen L. Borlie the opportunity to purchase available assets of T.A. Gorman Inc.

November, 2009 Borlie Mechanical Contracting, LLC was formed to carry on the tradition of quality mechanical contracting.

Our reputation for performing outstanding mechanical services reflects the professionalism of our management team and our field staff of highly trained and skilled personnel , comprised of Union-UA plumbers, pipe fitters, welders, operating engineers, millwrights and laborers.

We own and operate a modern fabrication shop to facilitate the installation of our project work and to offer our customers an opportunity to renovate manufacturing systems and occupied medical facilities with the least amount of interruption to the operation and profitability of their facilities.

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